Kid’s Hot Dog Stand Gets Shut Down

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Governments, Junkyard, Uncategorized

Nathan Duszynski (who is 13 years old) decided to open a hot dog stand. He checked with the city to make sure he didn’t need any licenses or permits, even going to city hall in person with his mom and then bought a chart with the money he made by mowing laws and shoveling snow.

He arrived to set up shop on his first day and 10 minutes later, a zoning official arrived to shut him down. The problem: The cart, which is in the parking lot of a sporting goods store, is on the edge of official downtown commercial district of Holland, Michigan. The city bans food carts in that area in order to minimize competition for the eight tax-paying restaurants a couple of blocks away.

This is perfect example of the Junkyard America that it the product of the current liberal regime. Here we have a kid trying to work and provide for himself and his family. Unfortunately, he had to learn that now this is the role of government.


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