The Ugliest Newspaper in Britain, Pat Condell

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Pat Condell

I have been I fan of Pat for some years now. Here is his take on the Guardian, a leftist propaganda tabloid and its attacks on Israel. Great video, as usual.

Nowadays, The Guardian has become so obsessed with the state of Israel and has come to hate it with such a lopsided, Scandinavian intensity, that it’s lost all sense of proportion. Nowadays, The Guardian publishes writers who enagage in anti-semitic slurs; it willingly acts as a propaganda platform for the murdering terrorists of Hamas; and it misrepresents the facts in the Middle East to persuade its readers to support a fascist, religious war of hate against a genuine democracy where Arabs and Jews have equal rights, although you’ll never hear about that in The Guardian whose writers prefer to push the lie–the fiction–of the apartheid state.



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