Single Parenthood Majority in Areas of UK

Posted: August 4, 2012 in Junkyard, Single Mothers, Skanks, The End Is Nigh

The Daily Mail has an article about single parent families in United Kingdom.

If you want to see how our society is turning into a junkyard, look at the status of the British family. The UK has more children living in one-parent families than any other European country and more of their single mothers are unemployed and on benefit (of course!) than anywhere else on the Continent. A closer look reveals that 48 per cent of single mothers in Britain are unemployed, the highest rate in the OECD apart from Turkey. Women are basically given an incentive to leave out the father and get provisions from the government. The state is actively taking the role of the husband and the father, providing all the material necessities.

How the kids are doing? Well, according to the article:

Research shows children growing up in fatherless homes are much less likely to do well at school and are at twice the risk of getting into problems with drink or drugs, or involved in crime. The UK welfare system has been partly to blame, by providing a substitute breadwinner rather than encouraging parents to stick together.’

It is just a matter of time before this becomes the norm in the rest of the Western World. I seriously believe it is too late and/or impossible to change this trend. This is why you should already start preparing for living in the future wasteland that will be our society. The alternative is you waiting in line for a welfare check with the rest of the scum. The choice is yours!


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