Majority of Germans Favoring a Euro Exit

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Governments, The End Is Nigh

Looks like although a (slim) majority of Germans wants to remain in the European Union, almost two-thirds thinks it would be better if they go back to the Deutschmark. This  is according to a survey published by Bertelsmann Stiftung.

The survey found out that currently around 52 percent of Germans say that they benefit personally from being part of the 27-strong union. Attitudes towards the Euro currency are worse, with two-thirds of Germans saying that they would be better off outside of the single currency. This study was also carried out in France and Poland, and it shows that the Poles are much more skeptical about the common currency, with only close to 20 percent of Poles in favor of joining the Euro. Although the Poles are wary of the single currency they are in favor of EU membership, with which they can freely move to other member states. The French on the other hand still think it is better to have the Euro than the previous Franc.

From Euobserver:

When asked whether they would be better off if the EU did not exist at all, 49 percent of Germans answered Yes.

Only 29 percent said they thought things would be worse and 52 percent thought they would have better or at least equal chances on the labour market without the EU.

For half of Germans, the EU is failing to strike the right balance between a free market and social responsibility. And almost just as many (48%) think that social rights are rather put at risk by EU membership than protected.

It seems like that forcing the “European identity” down people’s throats is not so easy.


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