Gay Sperm Donor Told To Pay Child Support

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Feminism, Skanks
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If you decide to donate your sperm, you are a moron and a traitor to men. And if you live in the UK, you could also get sued for child support, even if this was a helping gesture from your part to some ungrateful skank or in this case skanks.

This is from The Guardian:

A gay man from Essex who donated his sperm to enable a lesbian couple to have two children, but who was never named on their birth certificate and had no role in their upbringing, is being forced by the Child Support Agency to pay for their support – 13 years after the first child was born.

It all started like this,

Hs story starts in 1997 when he and his partner Shaun met a lesbian couple in Bliss nightclub in Southend. They became good friends and it soon became clear that one of the women was keen to have children.

As a result, in 1998, Langridge visited the Essex home of the mum-to-be, glass container in hand, and in a separate room the woman inseminated herself.

Of course, he was given guarantee that the child will be the couple’s responsibility, not his (gullible fool). He repeated the procedure and gave them sperm for another child some years later.

You can guess how the story went from here. The mothers split up (of course) after they ran out of some large sum of money that they got. Left with the choices of doing shit for themselves or mooching of another man, the mothers decided to do the typical female thing. And so, Mr. Mark Langridge is ordered to pay child maintenance.

Because he is self-employed and lives on a low income as a part-time book-keeper and gardener, the £26 a week that has been calculated by the CSA is money, he says, he doesn’t have. “Of course, if I’d foreseen this all those years ago I would not have agreed to it. I just wanted to help a woman in need, and thought what harm could it do?” he adds. “I have told the CSA what happened but it has fallen on deaf ears. As far it is concerned, if I’m the biological father I have to pay – irrespective of the circumstances.”

I will let you to figure out the moral of this story on your own.


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