EU: How to Control the Journalists

Posted: January 22, 2013 in Governments, Junkyard, The End Is Nigh
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Well, looks like it is just a matter of time until the freedom of press is completely gone… at least in the EU.

A “high level” EU panel, that includes Latvia’s former president and a former German justice minister, was ordered by Neelie Kroes, European Commission vice-president, last year to report on “media freedom and pluralism”. It has concluded that it is time to introduce new rules to rein in the press.

Having a commission reporting on media freedom and pluralism is a little ironical, don’t you think.

“All EU countries should have independent media councils,” the report concluded.

That doesn’t sound that bad, but…

“Media councils should have real enforcement powers, such as the imposition of fines, orders for printed or broadcast apologies, or removal of journalistic status.”

Yes, here is the catch. Giving unelected bureaucrat the power and motivation to remove “bad” reported. Like those that are asking the wrong and unpleasant questions. And forget about the previously mentioned “independent” part of the media councils. They will be under the jurisdiction of Brussels:

As well as setting up state regulators with draconian powers, the panel also recommended that the European Commission be placed in overall control in order to ensure that the new watchdogs do not breach EU laws.

“The national media councils should follow a set of European-wide standards and be monitored by the Commission to ensure that they comply with European values,” the report said.

So here you go. The Soviet Union may be dead and buried, but the EU is becoming its incarnation.


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