Boy Suspended for Pointing Gun-Shaped Breakfast Pastry

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Governments, Junkyard, Police State, Uncategorized
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This is just an example how stupid the people in the American educational system are, including the teachers.

An elementary school recently suspended a seven year old boy for chewing a breakfast pastry into a supposed gun shape. They also claim he said “bang bang” after doing so.

But fear not, the other potentially traumatized student by this event can take refuge in the available counseling:

The school sent home a letter to parents saying, “During breakfast this morning, one of our students used food to make inappropriate gestures that disrupted the class. While no physical threats were made and no one was harmed, the student had to be removed from the classroom.”

Parents should talk to their children if they’re troubled by the incident, the school said, and the school counselor will be available for any student who needs to talk.


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