Susan Wilson and her Kickstarter project

Posted: March 24, 2013 in Feminism, Skanks, Uncategorized
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Susan Wilson has created a Kickstarter campaign to pay for a programming weekend for her 9 year old daughter. The reason behind this? The brothers supposedly made fun of the girl and said that girls can’t make good RPGs. There’s also a $10,000 donation reward if you want a personal apology from the boys. You will notice how she even literally makes a graphic of the girl “Versus” her brothers. This begs the question what kind of a mother would publicly expose and shame his sons on the internet?  Link to the project’s page.

Well, turns out that this Susan Wilson is a Top Ten Female Entrepreneur, founder and CEO of The Judgment Group, a company that focuses on debt collection. She was featured on CNN Money as part of their list of The Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs.


So we have a person who is supposed to be a very successful entrepreneur (apparently a millionaire) and IS STILL asking money from others. Her Kickstarter campaign was only for $829, but the amount collected has now gone over $20,000. Her daughter is supposed to make a RPG out of this, but no specifics as to what the game will be/look like can be found. This isn’t how Kickstarter is supposed to work. The mother also apparently went out of her way to spam her Kickstarter campaign to women’s groups and even the Ellen Degeneres show’s Twitter account (it is against Kickstarters rules to spam a project):


There are 26 days left before she gets the money. Kickstarter can cancel everything and redact the funds, but we believe that they won’t as they are also making profits out of this.

The only solution left is to bring this story to the public. We’ve only got 26 days to share this information as much as we can and tell people to report the project. The only thing they need to do is to scroll down to the bottom of the project’s page and send a report message. We need to massively report this kickstarter project for what it is: a joke and/or a scam. The intent of this project was to capitalize on the whole gender politics garbage. And, no surprise, it succeeded. There are more than enough feminists, white knights and manginas out here, prepares to spend money on a brave (female) warrior fighting against the patriarchy (remember Anita Sarkeesian?). There are also more than enough gullible morons that fall to the herd mentality.


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