Susan Wilson and her Kickstarter project (part II)

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There is new development in the Susan Wilson’s  Kicksarter project, previously reported here. Looks like she and her husband are serial fraudsters. Dan Clark from has a nice article about the development of the story.

OK, the Susan Wilson Kickstarter story is getting seriously weird now…  Ever seen the film Catfish?

This is the sequel.  Real movie stuff.

I’ll even end on what will undoubtedly be the closing line of the inevitable Kickstarted documentary on the affair.

The NeoGAF thread has deduced that “Bobbi Lynn Peters” of this failed “Boycode” indiegogo project (a social network of sorts that doesn’t actually exist, funded  primarily by the Wilsons) is probably Susan, through the writing style and tropes of Wilson’s projects.

This prompted me to look further at “Bobbi Lynn”. One of the projects she posted a referral for in 2011  is “Super Awesome Yosmite (sic) Mud Hostel!” by Guy McBryde.

Again, the writing style of this hostel campaign seems familiar… but oh-ho, what else is familiar?

YES! The man in the video!

It’s Susan’s husband, Christian Wilson, from the “HELP Me Get These Kids Off Video Games & Hunting For Real Treasure” indiegogo!

The main giveaway is the voice, but they think we think Guy McBryde is obviously a COMPLETELY different person, as he has a beard and slightly different hair.

(edit: A number of people dispute that there is enough of a likeness considering the videos are only months apart. I will note that although we know when the videos were uploaded, we have no idea when they were filmed. I still think the voice is a dead giveaway.)

This hostel was proposed to be run as an “artisan studio” (a nebulous concept if ever I heard one) and was apparently being built in Groveland, California, at the gateway to Yosemite National Park.

Sadly the Groveland County Board of Supervisors didn’t agree with the plan and the hostel was stopped from being built.

Well, that’s what this one “newspaper” article says anyway…

That newspaper site appears to be the only source for any stories about Guy and Michelle McBryde and their hostel. I’d imagine that when the pledgers for the indiegogo enquired as to when they could come and visit the hostel for their rewards, they were sent this link by the “McBrydes”. That way, thought the Wilsons presumably, the backers would  believe that it wasn’t the “McBrydes” at fault, instead it was those meddling fatcats at city hall.

Maybe it was because the supposedly local couple couldn’t spell “Yosemite”…

Read the Union Democrat article above though. Really read it. It’s all bullshit, isn’t it?

“Michelle McBryde said this whole situation has still “created a financial hardship” for the couple from which they don’t know if they can recover.”

The perfect excuse to get those pesky-but-naive people who gave you their honest money off your back, eh?

I have an inkling that there’s a connection between Susan Wilson and the company that runs the Union Democrat (among other “newspapers”) but that will take some further investigation.

The hostel has a Youtube channel, which posted four videos while the indiegogo campaign was running. One video has “Guy” doing some fitness exercises with two boys who look remarkably like Susan’s sons from the Kickstarter pitch photo.

I believe this, of all of their indiegogo projects, is the smoking gun.

It’s a scam pure and simple.
The McBrydes don’t exist (even though, as with the Wilsons’ projects it looks like the McBryde family themselves pledged!).
The “mud hostel” didn’t exist.
And I’ll bet my bottom dollar that the planning application to the local authorities didn’t exist.

They’re clearly a very clever couple, clever enough to seemingly fake a news story to get away with a big tasty crowdfunded moneycake, though not quite clever enough not to follow the same patterns over and over.

And there is clearly a lot more detective work to be done for us to aid Susan in her quest for “truth and transparency”, but it’s getting pretty late here in the UK so I hope I’ve given enough breadcrumbs for people to unravel more of this intriguing mystery.

A good place to start could be to cross-reference indiegogo projects that you suspect may be the Wilsons under pseudonyms with stories from Western Communications‘ portfolio of news websites, which may give excuses for said projects not materialising, as with the example I found. Alternatively that could be a blind alley, too early to say; The rabbit-hole goes pretty deep with this one.

I posit that hostel backer Joanne Bacci is likely a Wilson sockpuppet. Not only do the comments on her page seem to bear Susan Wilson’s linguistic hallmarks and fondness for CAPITALS, but also “Joanne” sent referrals (spam!) for the campaign a whopping 311 times!

I believe the other two $100 backers,  Christi Stewart and Carole Borelli are likely to be Wilson creations too, but there aren’t quite the same “tells” in their comments. This is the only project any of the three have funded and if these backers were real and demanded their reward, the whole house of cards would come tumbling down. Quite like how it appears to be now.

But hey, crowd-funding is even more FUN and AWESOME if you make your own crowd, right?

If you guys figure out any more, let us know in the comments below.

After all, as Susan says herself in a Kickstarter update, “ I encourage truth seekers to research this thoroughly because once again, I LOVE THE TRUTH!”

I’ll leave you with this tidy little sign-off:

In the most recent video, there is a very telling quote from Guy/Christian that seems to sum up the Wilsons’ modus operandi…

Michelle McBryde (Susan) asks him “What’s an artisan studio?”.
His response?

“An artisan studio? I dunno… maybe it’s something I made up in my head…”

  1. clarkanoid says:

    I’ve just finished an update that I’m pretty sure is solid proof that she lied about her son’s age on Kickstarter!

  2. Brown says:

    Please remove this article. Check with Dan Clark of theaibots. He has removed all articles about Susan Wilson because the story was fabricated and false

    Please check the link below to confirm the article has been remove


  3. Maria Nelson says:

    Until any of us see Susan Wilson’s Profit and Loss Statement’s, bank statements, assets and liabilities I chose not to pass judgment on Susan Wilson’s wealth. Facts speak for themselves. Which I suggest other people take into account before passing judgment. I’ve been watching the thread on GAF and notice how miserable these people must be to bash for 24 hours a day. It’s really sad. Sad little trolls with no life…..

    Let’s repeat AGAIN Susan Wilson DID NOT violate Kickstarters TOS!!!

    How is Susan Wilson’s Indiegogo a scam? People crowdfund multiple times. Why is only Susan considered a scammer? Is it because she’s a woman? Can you prove Susan Wilson received any money from her “supposed” scams?

    Everyone against this profect is grasping for straws at this point. EVERYONE already knows Susan’s past, thats repeated and posted again and again. EVERYONE has seen all the links, screenshots, quotes, pictures, etc. Hell, we even know her blood type. Get over yourselves!!

    Are the trolls jealous? Hate women (notice how 9 out of 10 are men)? Have too much time on their hands? We as individuals chose whether or not to pledge. It’s NOT your business to save us from Susan Wilson’s evil doings as you trolls say. We’re all grown ups here. I think we can take care of ourselves and make our own decisions. But trolls thanks for caring about us “pledgers” .

    With everything going on in todays world the Boston Marathon, bombings, school shootings, Sandy Hook, etc.
    Don’t you think we could all use our energy for good?
    Be grateful that you and your family are safe and healthly.
    Take your negative energy and flip it. A lot of people need it!!!!

    Instead you negative people chose the latter…Makes me sick!!!!

    PS Most of the trolls don’t live in the US, so maybe they really only care about themselves and where they live.

    PSS Go back under the bridges where you came from!!

    Rock on Kenzie!!!

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