Oldham police detain a pregnant woman for holding British flag in public

Posted: May 28, 2013 in Governments, Police State, Uncategorized
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From the Examiner:

As reported by The Manchester Gazette on May 27, 2013, a yet to be identified woman has taken away by police, officially because her overt display of patriotism “threatened our community cohesion.”

You can see the video below. Here are the rationalizations behind the police act.

Chief Superintendent Catherine Hankinson of the GMP gave a statement to the press, but they appear to be in direct contradiction to what a concerned citizen caught on video.

  • Hankinson: “Yesterday (Saturday) afternoon, police became aware that a number of people had gathered in Oldham town centre who were shouting and had flags, some of which were provoking passersby.”

During the course of the video, there appeared to be no type of march or demonstration, just everyday people walking down a city street.

  • Hankinson: “As a result there were tensions and some minor disorder.”

The only tension and disorder seen was the blue shirted man taking offense to the Union Flag being carried by a pregnant woman.

  • Hankinson: “While we will always allow and help facilitate peaceful protest, we felt that the actions of these people threatened our community cohesion, so it was our duty to do all we could prevent tensions from escalating.”

As seen, the woman was simply standing with a Union Flag over her shoulder. It was the blue shirted individual that initiated the confrontation.

  • Hankinson: “Officers dealing with this altercation saw that a woman had a Union Flag and another flag which was highly inappropriate and in our view solely designed to further inflame tensions.”

As proven by the video, the offending woman carried one flag, and one flag only.

  • Hankinson: “This woman was therefore taken to one side, the second flag was taken from her and she understood that the flag was causing offence.”

Again, there was no second flag, offensive or otherwise.

  • Hankinson: “At no point was she arrested, or did she have her Union Flag confiscated from her.”


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