Venezuela is running out of toilet paper

Posted: June 2, 2013 in Economy, Governments, Politics
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This is sad and pathetic. The Venezuelan government implemented price control on toilet paper in order to “help the poor”. Predictably, there is now a shortage of toilet paper in this country and the state got the police involved in order to confiscate 2,500 rolls of toilet paper. Also predictably, the leftists in power are explaining this preposterous situation as a “plot by opponents to destabilize the country”.

Here is the story:

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Police in Venezuela say they have seized nearly 2,500 rolls of toilet paper in an overnight raid of a clandestine warehouse storing scarce goods.

The Thursday announcement on Twitter said that the officers raiding the garage in western Caracas also seized about 400 diapers and 7,000 liters of fruit juice.

Police chief Luis Karabin told Venezuelan news agency AVN that police, acting on a telephone tip, found “merchandise that we know is scarce on the shelves and doesn’t reach the people.”

Toilet paper is hard to find in Venezuelan grocery stores, as are staple food items such as sugar, milk and cooking oil.  The socialist government says the shortages are part of a plot by opponents to destabilize the country. Economists  blame the government’s price and currency controls.

  1. […] The story about the glorious workers paradise going out of toilet paper is getting even better.  Now the Venezuelan regime of President Nicholas Maduro ordered a state agency to takeover a toilet paper factory and oversight of the production and distribution. Via Reuters: […]

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