Gillespie: Kristol, Krauthammer have a foreign policy record that is “God-awful”

Posted: September 2, 2013 in Governments, Politics
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Nick Gillespie, and his ever-present leather jacket, appeared on C-SPAN and slammed the conservative pundits Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer for their foreign policy commentary.

NICK GILLESPIE, REASON: Let’s be blunt, I’m friendly with Bill Kristol. He’s no Winston Churchill, he has zero wins in his column. When I think of the foreign policy mastery which comes out of The Weekly Standard, which was an instrumental mouthpiece for the Bush administration and before that they were calling for intervention throughout the Balkans — I mean, they have never, in their short existence, they have never met a war that they didn’t like…

Bill Kristol has no credibility. You know, for all of his plaudits and things like that, he has no credibility on foreign policy. Every decision that he has pushed and urged on America — including before 9/11, to start getting really antagonistic militarily with China — has been wrong. And it’s about time that we stop paying that much attention to a kind of perspective on military action that coming out of The Weekly Standard.

HOST: Charles Krauthammer saying that the president and White House, it’s amateur hour with this announcement yesterday.

GILLESPIE: You know, again, I’m not sure what Charles Krauthammer can point to, to say, ‘Look, I said should we should go into Iraq, that’s a great thing, and we should go into Afghanistan and that’s a great thing.’ You know, war — people who are interested in going to war are always in favor of war, and then they always criticize when war doesn’t go well.

The fact of the matter is, is we need a better understanding of what went wrong in Iraq in two ways. One was clearly the actual administration of the occupation was completely disastrous and that was truly amateur hour under the Bush administration. But then also the conception of actually even going into Iraq and going into Afghanistan in a way where we went with the Pottery Barn kind of method, that if we broke it, we had to rebuild it. You know, tees are people who I’m afraid simply, you know, pundits every once in awhile should be held accountable for their past recommendations and these guys have a track record that is just God-awful. (C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, September 1, 2013)


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