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Islamic conference in Oslo

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Politics

For anyone with a brain, the term “Islamic Peace” is an oxymoron. And yet, there was a conference with that name in Oslo. Here is an excerpt from this conference. At least one must admire their honesty.




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according to progressives.


Life is truly beginning to imitate art. According to prevailing progressive “wisdom,” success is just becoming downright… unfair. The University of Georgia’s Student Government Association (SGA) held an unusual “dinner and dialogue” during Social Justice Week in opposition to the notion of “success stories.”

The event “No More Success Stories: Dinner, Dialogue, Making A Difference” was scheduled for October 23rd (pace the flyer), and listed panelists for the “final event of Raise Your Hand for Equality!” Day at the U. of Georgia. The premise of the forum is that minority “success stories” diminish the stature of other minorities. The flyer, for example, features the openly gay CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper in the background, and poses: “1 in a Million Means 999,999 left behind.”

The organizers of the event put their views best:

It seems like whenever a minority identifying individual “succeeds”, he or she is identified as a “success story.” We will be featuring successful members of different minorities speaking of their own story and success, with a focus on how this idea of “success story” shouldn’t exist. The idea that minority success is “outstanding” means it’s not the norm–we don’t want “success stories.” We just want stories.

This event will feature different success stories from UGA, Athens, and Georgia, because we believe that hearing stories from our neighbors and friends is truly the most impactful way to humanize these issues.

The demonization of “success stories” at a state university is yet another example of politically correct leftists diminishing the excellence of individuals who succeed as role models for others to emulate; whether it be tearing down those who achieve, or falsely elevating those who do not excel, the message is clear: mediocrity should be the norm.

The concept behind the event is that everyone should be inherently successful; and therefore, elevating “success stories” violates notions of social justice, which are premised on equality of outcomes. According to this reasoning, if a “minority” becomes successful, while others fail to do so as well, that means society is unjust; and therefore, social justice requires elevating those who haven’t done as well, even if that means leveling the economy.

“Minorities” are thought of by progressives as perpetually in need of government assistance in order to “succeed” in a “free market” economy. However, if not everyone succeeds equally, then the entire economy is “unjust” and is in need of government redistribution and equalization of outcomes.

On the other hand, individualists believe that there are no “minorities,” just individual human beings; although there is irrational and unjust discrimination along racial and ethnic lines in backwards societies. Individualists believe that success — which comes from talent, luck, hard work and perseverance — is not owed to anyone; but should be rewarded and held aloft for others to pursue.

Great article from Mike Rowe (host of the Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs):

Student loans have eclipsed one trillion dollars.

One. Trillion. Dollars.

Personally, I think it’s insane to start a career thirty grand in the hole, especially when there are no jobs in your chosen field. The fact is, the vast majority of jobs today do NOT require a four-year degree. They require training, and a truly useful skill. I think we’ve confused the cost of an education with the price of a diploma. That’s why I started The mikeroweWORKS Scholarship Fund. I want to challenge the idea that an expensive four-year degree is the best path for the most people, and call attention to thousands of real opportunities in the real world that real companies are struggling to fill.

The mrW Scholarship Fund began with a $250,000 allotment, and I’m pleased to report that the money is now completely gone. But wait…there’s more! Over the next few months, mikeroweWORKS will partner directly with some of the very best Trade and Technical Schools in the country, beginning with Midwest Technical Institute.

And today, I’m happy to announce $800,000 of new funds, specifically designated as “mrW-MTI Scholarships.”

Whereas other grants and scholarships focus just on academic achievement, athletic ability, or artistic talent, mrW/MTI scholarships are intended to encourage something else – the desire to learn a useful skill, and the willingness to work your butt off. That’s it.

To qualify for a mrW/MTI Scholarship, you have to be a high-school senior who is willing to learn a skill at MTI. You’ll need to write an essay. You’ll need to provide attendance records and references. You’ll also need to submit a short video and post it on Facebook. In short, you’ll need to make a case for yourself, because the public is going to vote on who gets the money. And the money at stake is significant – on average, $15,000 per scholarship. And something else – you’ll need to sign The S.W.E.A.T. Pledge. (Skills and Work Ethic Aren’t Taboo).

Please take a moment to read the SWEAT Pledge before you go any further. Yeah, I know…some people might find the notion of signing a Pledge to be silly. Others might philosophically disagree with it’s content. Well, if that’s the case, this particular pile of free money is not for you. Remember – mikeroweWORKS is not just a Scholarship Fund – it’s a PR Campaign for hard work and skilled labor. Taking The SWEAT Pledge is a simple but important part of that campaign. If you can’t bring yourself to take the SWEAT Pledge, you will not qualify for a mrW/MTI Scholarship. It’s non-negotiable.

mikeroweWORKS is committed to helping close our countries skills gap by challenging the misconceptions that surround “alternative education.” MTI shares that goal. They have seven campuses in four states. I realize that many who read this will not be geographically suitable for this opportunity, but don’t despair. Other schools are coming soon, and mikeroweWORKS Scholarships are just getting started.

Stay tuned-
Mike Rowe, “Dirty Jobs”

Edward Snowden hasn’t been seen by the wider public since he received political asylum in Russia until now. Wikileaks has released new footage of the NSA whistleblower. They did not reveal exactly where it was filmed though, because of concerns about his security. RT’s Lucy Kafanov reports. READ MORE

Fraiser Nelson versus Labour’s Ben Brashaw versus media commentator Steve Hewlett on the UKs tate wanting to censor…. I mean regulate the UK’s currently free press. Revenge for the press outing the MP’s as common criminals with their expenses claims, nearly all of whom that were caught got off scot free.

Recorded from BBC2 HD, Newsnight, 11 October 2013.

Via Gatestone Institute

Imagine that in recent weeks alone, dozens of Muslims around the world had been murdered by Christian extremists armed with suicide belts and similar paraphernalia.

Imagine that at the same time, around other parts of the world, Christian mobs had set fire to, and burned to the ground, the holy places of some of the oldest and most established Muslim communities in the world.

Do you think there would be a reaction to such events? Probably yes.

Would that reaction be wholly negative and unceasing in its condemnation? Probably yes.

Would it be remotely conceivable that a senior U.S. government official or advisor would have used the opportunity to claim that Muslims who had been targeted had brought it upon themselves? Probably no.

Welcome then to the mirror-image of the real-world persecution of Christians that is going on across the globe today.

And say hello again to two of the most appallingly over-promoted and sinister figures involved with the current U.S. government: Mohamed Elibiary and Dalia Mogahed.

Of course, you may not want to: as the terror goes on worldwide, and the situation around the globe slips continuously in the Islamists’ general direction, there is a growing and terrific ennui among much of the West. Among much of the Western world, terrorists’ marauding is another case of, “Oh, just that Islamism again.” You say a person is not good? Well, we can’t be bothered to find out. The very condition that so few people can raise themselves to be bothered is part of the problem: “The trouble with all the nice people I knew in Germany,” the British author Stephen Spender wrote in his Berlin diary in the 1930s, “is that they were either tired or weak.”

Thankfully there are a number of people who can still rouse themselves to point out how outrageous Western governments’ hiring policies are these days as when Mohamed Elibiary was promoted to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Council. Yet despite these heroic individuals pointing out Elibiary’s track record of support for Islamists worldwide, the appointment held — and so it was that the U.S. government welcomed another fox into its chicken coop.

Now an American official can not only fail to stand by America’s friends – he can actually blame them for the persecution they are suffering.

Over recent days, one of the effects of this has already been felt: in September, when violence against Egypt’s Copts had reached another peak, the new Department of Homeland Security Homeland Security Advisor, Elibiary, used his twitter account to blame American Coptic activists for the murder of their co-religionists by Muslim Brotherhood extremists of the type Elibiary has a track record of supporting.

On September 15, he wrote, “For decade since 9/11 attack extremist American Coptic activists have nurtured anti Islam and anti Muslim sentiments among AM RT wing.” A day earlier, Elibiary blamed American Copts for protesting against attacks on their relatives in Egypt, and recommended an article “on need to reform #Coptic activism in #US including stop promoting #Islamophobia.”

So while Copts were actually being targeted and killed in Egypt, Mr. Elbiary chose to try to switch attention onto the fictional persecution of Muslims in the U.S. There is nothing quite like someone excusing one crime-in-progress by citing a non-existent other crime — except for, of course, a U.S. government official doing the same.

Unfortunately, thanks to our enthusiastic, politically-correct attitudes and radical Islamist ideologies, Elibiary is not alone in the U.S. administration.

It was Dalia Mogahed, you will recall, who helped President Obama draft the 2009 Cairo Speech — a “reset” speech, regarded as seminal across several rooms in the White House. It was Mogahed who helped draft the address which apologized for America’s past actions while giving the benefit of the doubt to most of its self-stated enemies.

Mogahed is not only one of the geniuses credited with that speech; her record also includes other glowing occasions. Such as the time, that same year, in which she cropped up on a U.K. television program, which aired on the most notorious satellite Islamist channel. Mogahed took part in a discussion about the empowerment of women through Sharia. She participated, seemingly happily, in the program hosted — and introduced as such — by a member of the radical Islamist group Hizb-ut-Tahrir. Mogahed also seemed unfazed when, for instance, passionate fellow participants called for the restoration of the Caliphate (a key pipedream of Hizb-ut-Tahrir).

Incidents like that have been used against her. But these things have a tendency to come and go. A little flare-up of bad publicity here, the rebuttal of legitimate concerns and an accusation of “Islamophobia” there — it is all part of the mood-music.

Dalia Mogahed’s latest popping-up however, makes all her previous ones not only explicable but mild:

After 80 Coptic churches had been burned down by Brotherhood supporters, Ms. Mogahed decided to single out for criticism not the perpetrators but — the Egyptian media! “The Egyptian media took advantage of the Copts to achieve many personal/political gains which has angered the West,” she wrote on one of the Facebook pages to which she spends her time contributing: “Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights.” All of which adds up to one of the strangest sets of messages any American government has surely ever given out.

If you were one of those Christian Copts standing in the ruins of your village or church, what message would you take from all this? If the officials of the current U.S. administration are managing to blame the media, or even fellow Copts in the U.S., for your slaughter and the desecration of your churches, would it be any surprise if they took the message that the current U.S. administration is not just indifferent to the suffering of Christians across the Middle East and the rest of the world, but actively asking them, “Would you mind dying quietly, please?’