Male fantasy vs female fantasy

Posted: October 6, 2013 in Feminism
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Some people argue that in the superhero genre of comics, males are depicted as male power fantasy, while females are depicted as male sexual fantasy. Not only in costume design, but also in pose. And that there is an imbalance, in that female sexual fantasy and female power fantasy are not proportionately represented.

As a comparison we take a look at what is considered male power fantasy (i.e. the standard male superhero) versus female sexual fantasy (exampled as the cover art of a romance novel).


As one can see, the differences are staggering.

  1. It almost like one role actively defines and shapes that other… Funny that.

  2. So which one is the “male fantasy” so that the feminist outrage can be properly directed at misogyny? Is that Tarzan saving lady Jane and a couple doing role playing or Superman saving Louis and a couple doing role playing? Because you know the differences are staggering based on what is the male fantasy.

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