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People are designing a new feminist programming language based on this revolutionary article.
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What they need now is better publicity. Here is their logo (nice!):

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They already tried to dox the guy responsible for this, but he used an alt email address that is linked to a gay porn website, a fury DeviantArt account, and a troll account on the Escapist.


Google translated, but you can get the idea. Is there a single thing women won’t bitch about?

GENDER. Is it a good idea to first shovel “female” areas such as bus stops and preschools before the ‘male’ roads leading to them? Yes, think traffic committee vice chairman in Stockholm, Daniel Helldén (MP), designed to set the gender power structure in Stockholm traffic on end. The equality of snow removal has already been introduced in Karlskoga Municipality and now proposes Helldén to Stockholm to follow suit.
– As soon as possible, he says to SvD .

In a film course that Local Authorities and Regions (SKL) has produced describing the gender issues in the major roads are plowed before the walkways and sidewalks.

– As women walk and cycle more and drive more public transport, while men are more car gets municipal snow removal different consequences for men and women, informs SKL.

Bus stops and kindergartens first – the roads last
SKL emphasizes Karlskoga as a model, which nowadays plows heavily trafficked roads and streets last, to try to remedy the gender issue.

– In Karlskoga Municipality analyzed the heads to clear snow from a gender perspective and realized that the priority typically male areas. First cleared ring roads, often at night when only one or two trucks passed, after the ring roads were cleared major roads, especially those leading to the male-dominated workplaces. Finally cleared footpaths and cycle routes, notes SKL and states that “the municipality priority snow removal for men above that of women.”

The roads almost impassable by gender plowing
Karlskoga decided to nurseries, sidewalks and bus stops would be plowed first, and the thoroughfares and ring roads and other heavily trafficked streets and highways last. In this way, hoping the municipality that more people will get hurt in traffic instead of on the walkways.

There were however some problems when the buses would arrive at bus stops or when the parents would drop off their children at preschools, when the roads were not plowed first, but Karlskoga Municipality says that this is not a problem.

– Obviously, there are comments from some who now feel that snow removal has become worse, mostly motorists, but this is inevitable, says Stina Kållberg, Spokesman of Karlskoga Municipality.

New proposal threatens Stockholm
Now proposes vice chairman of the Transportation Committee in Stockholm, Daniel Helldén, that the standard critical snow removal should be imposed even where, with Karlskoga as a model.

– The City will be available to all, it is not today. Currently the priority major thoroughfares, he tells Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet .

Next winter season it may be necessary with the new gender plowing in Stockholm, says Helldén. Traffic Board will address the issue on Thursday, where they among other things, has expressed support from the Left.

The crane municipality Huddinge gender snow removal already in place and the bus stops and other “female” fields plowed now “before the major roads to facilitate access for female road users,” reports Swedish Radio

Affected Huddinge critical
On the internet agrees with several Huddinge questions the gender plowing.

“The bus stop is cleared from snow but no bus going to the feminist snow removal does not apply to the road itself,” writes signature Frederick, who comment on the Swedish Radio article.

“We’ll have to take the buggy to work instead of driving,” writes signature Kjell.

Gender proposal is expected to affect men the worst, which are already most vulnerable. In traffic, killed more than 500 people each year, of which 75 percent are men, according to official statistics . Most accidents occur between December and March.