A male from Eastern Europe currently living in the Capital Wasteland.

  1. Anna Harte says:

    Interesting blog! Admittedly, though, it seemed a lot more interesting before I noticed that categories of choice include “sluts,” “skanks,” and “single mothers,” plus buzz words like “feminism” and “hypergamy.” Sigh :\

    • Golden Serval says:

      The words ‘sluts’ and ‘skanks’ when used in a derogatory (non sexy way) are quite problematic. The acceptance of sluts and skanks, is essential for gender equality. Because to be truly equal; both men and women have the right to be sluts, skanks or virgins. There are important criticisms on feminism and single mother welfare culture. Also, hypergamy is driven by the traditionalist Christian ideal of a woman being a superior moral agent to man. I will follow this blog, it is interesting and the anti-conventional stance really attracts me.

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