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Fat Atheists

Posted: August 22, 2012 in Atheism

Just an observation. There is something peculiar that I noticed some time ago. Looking through the internet I noticed how a great proportion of public atheists are fat. They are also unattractive, but this is for another time. Just look at this picture of PZ Myers and some of his fans:

That’s like 80% of the people on this picture are fat, including PZ himself. No wonder he had health problems related to his heart. You can also see how out of shape he is by the difficulty he has in climbing on a dinosaur while he was visiting the Creation museum. And it’s not that he is an exception. Of course, I must mention also my favourite atheists Christopher Hitchens and Penn Jillette. This led me to the Conservapedia article about Atheism and obesity. For the record, I am not a religious person and I think Conservapedia is a joke, but in this case they are not far off the mark.

This especially holds true for internet atheist celebrities. Some of those fat-asses are:

The list sure goes on. You will notice how a lot of those fat atheists are also outspoken leftists. Now, we all know about fat feminists and you will notice how most of them also fall in this category. All this goes with my personal experience with atheists at public events. They are people who will gladly give the government the authority over everyone’s life and body, and at the same time¬†they cannot put the fork down for five minutes. Good job at giving atheism a bad image!