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1. The UKIP earthquake – first tremors

2. England council results

3. Rejoice! But Not Too Much – a first response to the elections

4. Left-wing butthurt




…. and free housing for their polygamous families.


1.) How the EU stole democracy – Pat Condell tells it like it is.

2.) Hecklers at Ukip London Rally.

3.) A law giving people the right to know if their partner has a history of domestic violence will be tested in Scotland.

4.) Body cameras to be worn by London police officers

13985164330871.) Ukip leader Nigel Farage hit by egg thrown by protester.

2.) Farage remains unbarraged.

3.)  Jeremy Paxman to quit BBC Two’s Newsnight.

4.) Ed Miliband processes everyone will get a magic unicorn if they vote for them.

UK politics (3.)

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1. ) Smart or desperate? Labour hires “Obama’s campaign mastermind” aka David Axelrod…

… probably because

2.) Labour party’s lead in the polls drops to two points. 

3.) Godfrey Bloom says that the father of Britain’s youngest mum should be “horsewhipped”. I agree. 

4.) After ignoring the Churches for the past four years, PM David Cameron wants to have more religious involvement in government.

UK politics (2.)

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1.) Twenty five schools are now under investigation for Islamic infiltration

2.) Farage could face investigation into EU expenses

UK politics (1.)

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1.) UK govermnment underestimated net immigration in the period ’04-’09 by 350K (excluded all the illegals)

2.) Pedo who attacked a schoolgirl is to be given back the laptop with with swimwear photos of the victim. The police say they can’t delete them because it’s against the LAW