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Nigel Farage vs Kay Burley

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Politics
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Kay Burley tries to barrage the Farage:


So, basically if one should say something against gays, trans, feminists, islam and so on – an EU country will be obligated to prosecute that person by law and “re-educate” them.  Check it out in this Orwellian document titled “A EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK NATIONAL STATUTE FOR THE PROMOTION OF TOLERANCE

2014-03-06 19_01_46-www.europarl.europa.eu_meetdocs_2009_2014_documents_libe_dv_11_revframework_stat

2014-03-06 18_59_30-www.europarl.europa.eu_meetdocs_2009_2014_documents_libe_dv_11_revframework_stat


… says the pro-pedophilia scumbag  Daniel Cohn-Bendit. Only because they voted the wrong way.

New EU propaganda

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Governments, Politics
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Now with more illegal immigration…

“We all have our own views, but in Europe every opinion gets a fair chance.”

Except the opinions they outlaw. Oh, and they also disabled the comments. Priceless.



If you don’t know it, Martin Schulz is/was one of the most powerful MEPs in Europe and is currently the President of the European Parliament. As you can see, he’s now openly advocating the dissolution of national governments. Before he was a little more subtle about it. I wonder if the people of Europe will be asked how they feel losing their national independence, especially those that strived for so long and so hard to achieve it. Referendum anyone?