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Who are the most admired people in UK? The first one is obviously the Queen. Second is Barack Obama (BUUU). Number sixteen is Nigel Farage and number twenty three is Beyoncé (why?!). Notice how Mr. Clegg, Mr. Milliband and Mr. Cameron are not in the poll.



Nigel Farage vs Kay Burley

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Politics
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Kay Burley tries to barrage the Farage:

You just can’t barrage the Farage

Paul Sykes, a former Tory Party backer, has promised millions of pounds to Ukip to ensure their success in the European Parliamentary elections Mr Sykes, thought to be worth £650m, yet to declare how much he will give Reportedly donated £1.5million to the party’s 2004 campaign Defected to the party over his hardline views on Europe in early 00s

Good for them!

Ukip leader Nigel Farage celebrates a successful night at the local elections

Pat Condell has a word to the college students who spend their time shouting down those who do not agree with their not quite so well-formed political idea.

Looks like their recent target was good old Nigel, who was attacked by a feral mob of subsidised students:

The Ukip leader had to be locked in a pub after being surrounded by a hostile crowd as he launched a by-election campaign in May.

He had been left stranded in the middle of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, surrounded by around 50 nationalists and socialists calling him a racist, but demanding that he: “Go home to England”.

However, Mr Farage has decided to visit the country again to argue that Scottish independence would lead to a “bankrupt, starving Scotland”.

Ahead of his visit Mr Farage has written a comment piece for The Herald in which he hits out at anti-Ukip protesters.

“The chanting louts who recently attacked me in Edinburgh showed a side to the Scottish Nationalist debate that reflected no glory,” he said.

Mr Farage added: “It is amazing how the appearance of Ukip on the Scottish political scene has galvanised reaction.

“That reaction has verged at times on the feral, with baying mobs of subsidised students venting their anger.”

Mr Farage also used the article to claim that David Cameron has now accepted that the Conservative Party is now “finished” in Scotland.

He said: “It was notable that when David Cameron visited Scotland recently he did not bother with Aberdeen. It seems that, to him, the Tories are finished north of the Border.”

Mr Farage is visiting Aberdeen to support Ukip candidate Otto Inglis in the Donside by-election for the Scottish Parliament.

“Aberdeen is as much a part of my country as Axminster, Aberystwyth or Antrim,” Mr Farage added.

After being heckled by the protesters last month Mr Farage said: “We have never had a reception like this anywhere in Britain before. Clearly, it’s anti-British and anti-English. They hate the Union Jack.”

Go Nigel Go

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Brace yourselves, the Butthurts are coming