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1. The UKIP earthquake – first tremors

2. England council results

3. Rejoice! But Not Too Much – a first response to the elections

4. Left-wing butthurt





1.) How the EU stole democracy – Pat Condell tells it like it is.

2.) Hecklers at Ukip London Rally.

3.) A law giving people the right to know if their partner has a history of domestic violence will be tested in Scotland.

4.) Body cameras to be worn by London police officers

Who are the most admired people in UK? The first one is obviously the Queen. Second is Barack Obama (BUUU). Number sixteen is Nigel Farage and number twenty three is Beyoncé (why?!). Notice how Mr. Clegg, Mr. Milliband and Mr. Cameron are not in the poll.


Nigel Farage vs Kay Burley

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Politics
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Kay Burley tries to barrage the Farage:

You just can’t barrage the Farage

Paul Sykes, a former Tory Party backer, has promised millions of pounds to Ukip to ensure their success in the European Parliamentary elections Mr Sykes, thought to be worth £650m, yet to declare how much he will give Reportedly donated £1.5million to the party’s 2004 campaign Defected to the party over his hardline views on Europe in early 00s

Good for them!

Ukip leader Nigel Farage celebrates a successful night at the local elections

The left and the race card

Posted: October 4, 2013 in Politics
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